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Hi my name is Ayshea, but everyone calls me Ashie. I started Miss Skull and Bones in 2008, when I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful, now 14 month old son Phoenix. I have always wanted to make and create beautiful and fun things, which everyone can enjoy. This is my passion along with my family and who could forget my fur family too. I married my soulmate, we have been together for 10 years, we ment when we were 16. I live a fun and frantic life running around after my little man, while trying to make beautiful bow's and accessories for all my wonderful and loyal customers. I will also be studying next year to be a midwife.

Bulk Orders

Miss Skull and Bones is happy to do bulk orders on our products, the price will be reduced the more you order.

Min order for large bow's 30
Min order for small bow's 20
Min order for clips 40
Min order for slides 40
Min order for necklaces 30
Min order for earings 30
Min order for hats 10

Bulk orders rules:

You must give us 3 weeks notice
You must put down a 30% deposit
If you cancel your order you will loose you deposit